Ark Design Construction & Roofing's License and Certification


Building a deck requires forethought, skill and attention to detail. The family members of Ark Design Construction & Roofing treat every project like its their own home project.
Should a Deck be any different? We will take careful consideration of your living space and build you a deck that works, looks great and lasts.

Remodels & Additions

Your living space should reflect your changing needs. Maybe you've added a member to your family or maybe you've sent one off to college. Or maybe you just need a change of scenery. We spend the greater part of our lives inside our homes and they should not be taken lightly. Home remodels can greatly increase livability as well as value. The key word is "can".

Get yours done right - by professional, creative, skilled and licensed craftsmen. We at Ark Design love to improve people's living experience and it shows.

Complete Construction

Starting fresh? Ark Design is comprised of competent professionals that have been in the business for a very long time. We've handled every part of the home building process. We're not only known for solid residential & commercial roof construction, but have an impeccable reputation for building construction as well.

License alone is not enough. It takes a great group of passionate contractors to look this good.

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